About Us

At Bogeys Golf, we use a Protee VX Simulator with high-speed cameras and Artificial Intelligence for speed and accuracy. Our simulator provides the best virtual golf experience in the area. Join us for a casual round for fun or even fine-tune your swing. Whether you're looking for a chill hangout or a competitive game, this is the place to come! Bring your clubs to fine-tune your distances and know your bag. If you don't have a set of clubs, we have some you are welcome to use. We offer some snacks and drinks to purchase but feel free to bring your own. There is a lounge area to relax when it is not your turn or for anyone wanting to watch. It could even be an excellent spot for kids when dad is in charge but still wants to get some practice.

If you're new to our high-tech system and feeling unsure, don't worry. We're here to help. Just give Jonathan a call at (731) 616-3915 to set up a meeting. He'll guide you through the system, ensuring you feel confident and ready to play.